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Donation Opportunities

There are many ways that you can help RUM-Gaming support a qualified veteran.  The easiest being a donation to our general ongoing fundraiser at Betterunite, but we also host regular silent auctions, and accept donation of new computer parts and 3D Filament to support our cause.

Cash Donations

This is the most direct way to support our cause. We use BetterUnite to handle and process all donations that we receive.

Dollar Bill in Jar
Silent Auctions

Through BetterUnite, we will constantly be running silent auctions where you can bid on 3D print items and time, video games, diamond paintings, and much more.

Part Donations

We accept any part donations you would like to send to us. We also except other things like 3D printer filament. If you would like to make a donation of a physical item, please use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom corner of your screen.

Electronic Circuit
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