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FREE: For qualifying veterans.

Once a month RUM-Gaming will give 10 Veterans, a FREE 3D print of their choice from and ship it directly to the veteran completely free of charge.

Simply click the button below to get entered for our next drawing. 

See the our shop or gallery below to see examples of our prints.

*Veterans are verified through the questions on the entry form.
*The free print is limited to a maximum of 2hrs of printing time. Size of prints can vary and are taken at a case by case basis. See shop for examples of different 3D print times.


Consumer 3D PRINTING

*rates dependent on labor required

Our Community member Jay Hart (BigTexasGoat) offers 3D printing services. Get in contact with him for a commissioned piece. All proceeds will be donated directly to RUM-Gaming.

See the Photo Gallery below to example of previous builds.

Veteran PC Giveaway

FREE: For qualifying veterans.

When ever RUM-Gaming has enough donations, we pick a random *verified veteran to receive a FREE Gaming computer.

Once a winner has been picked, we will work with the Veteran to pick out case style and LED color choices when applicable, build the computer and ship it to them completely free of any cost.

Watch our discord and socials for announcements of our next PC Giveaway.

See the Photo Gallery below to example of previous builds.

*Veterans are verified through the questions on the entry form and a phone/discord talk with one or more of the RUM-Gaming board members.


PC Building Consultation

FREE: For Qualifying Veterans

$5: For Non-Veterans

If you are looking to build your own computer, with a small donation of $5 for non-veterans, we will sit down with you, determine your needs, and assemble a complete and comprehensive parts list for any sort of computer build you may want.

PC Building Services

If you would like a computer built for you, we have recently partnered with a local veteran owned, computer service company named Cabala Consolidated. They provide many services including computer repair, networking, and custom computer building. If you would like a custom-built computer we highly recommend you look into their services.


Take a look at some of the past work we've done for our satisfied clients.

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