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The Regulators of Unchecked Misfortune, also known as RUM-Gaming, is a community-driven 501c3 non-profit organization, committed to bringing veterans and gamers of every make and model together.  A quintessential part of RUM-Gaming revolves around offering support and outreach for our fellow veterans through a multitude of free services.  We strive to enable fellow veterans with a way to connect with us and others in the gaming community.  As veterans and gamers ourselves, we feel gaming is an escape from the real world that some people might need.  Especially our combat veterans. 


To help support our fellow Veterans with this virtual escape, every month we give away free 3D printing time and as often as possible, we giveaway free gaming computers to qualified Veterans.


We also host a welcoming gaming community to ensure our Veterans and fellow Veteran supporters always have a guild, faction, or clan that they can call home.  Through our dedicated Discord server, Twitch/YouTube channels, and multiple social media sites, everyone is invited to stop by and show their support.


To support these free services we work with a third party to offer computer building services and 3D printing services. If you need help to get the monster set-up you need to take to the skies and fight for honor and glory, we’ll personally help you design the ideal gaming computer based on your individual needs and available budget. We can also get you essential battle station accessories such as headset stands, desk décor, cable management systems and more through our 3D Printing services. 

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Jay is a 10 year Army vet, husband and father. Throughout his history he has been a solider, a mechanic, tech support and now currently holds a position with the USPS. He has been described as dedicated, honest, disciplined and direct. When he is not working, he's spending time with his loving wife Crystal, daughter Grace and cat Gizmo. In his downtime he is at his computer playing many different games including Ark, Dead By Daylight, and World Of Warcraft.





Jason is a founding member of RUM-Gaming. He is a disabled Navy veteran, and is dedicated to helping fellow veterans and expanding the organization beyond the small community it was in the past. He is passionate about music, and when he's not playing games, he's either practicing guitar or helping other musicians out at the local guitar shop. His favorite games are World of Warcraft, Dead By Daylight, and Escape From Tarkov. Subscribe to his personal Twitch channel and follow all the games he plays!

Special Thanks

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Niko Zorich

RUM-Gaming would like to thank Niko for all of his help with the design process of this wonderful website and other design assets. Niko is a full-time audio engineer, producer, and graphic designer, but finds the time to indulge in a variety of games. His favorites to play include Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Skyrim, and MapleStory. He is also owner/head engineer of Nitpick Productions in Houston, TX, where he produces artists' music and other related content.

Johnathan Miller

RUM-Gaming would like to thank Johnathan for all of his help with the overall logistical process of what it takes to be a successful organization. Johnathan is the founder of Meae Wellness. It is a health and human services 501c3 charitable organization focused on providing strength and wellness of communities affected by disparity. Jonathan Miller has positioned Meae Wellness as a David among Goliaths; ready to fight along-aide and for founders and organizations making their first steps in to the often complicated world of non-profits.

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