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7 Days To Die Server Rules

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General Rules:
  1. No Exploiting(Teleporting, screen/render glitching, duping, etc) This will lead to permanent ban.
  2. No Floating bases, every base must touch the ground.
  3. “Stilt Bases” must have legs at least 3 blocks in diameter.
  4. Bases cannot be more than xxxMeters in elevation(20? Blocks from skybox)
  5. No Structure or Ground collapsing bigger than 10x10x10 blocks.
  6. No Destroying of Primary Store Crates i.e. Working Stiff, Shamway, bookshelf, Shotgun Messiah, Pharmacy, Gas Pumps, Secret Stash.
  7. Landclaiming Stores is limited to 4 LCB for small stores and 6 LCB for large stores, reinforcing store walls cannot be stronger than basic concrete.

Base Building Rules:
  1. Each Clan/Tribe is allowed ONE Primary Base and unlimited secondary bases.
  2. The Primary Base is only allowed 25 Landclaims.
  3. Secondary Bases are only allowed 5 Landclaims.
  4. If either is found to have more, an admin will destroy Landclaims of their choice, until the base is at the appropriate number, without concern about if it exposes a weakness to your base.

PVP Rules:
  1. No Base Collapsing.
  2. No Taking Over other players bases unless landclaims are expired.
  3. Only destroy what is necessary, i.e. break into the base, steal all their stuff and leave. No Extra Damages.
  4. Explosives are to be used for base entry only when necessary, i.e. if you can use an auger/pick then use it, if the wall is unreachable use explosives.
  5. No Sleeping bag spawn killing more than necessary to destroy bag.
  6. Do not kill fresh spawns more than once unless provoked.

Admin Rules:
  1. Underwater bases will NOT be restored for any reason.
  2. If your stuff was taken by a former teammate you will NOT be reimbursed.
  3. If you think someone is cheating, screenshot it, record it, write down names, etc., then bring it to an admins attention.
  4. Every issue will be taken seriously and properly investigated.
  5. If you have found a way to cheat and inform the admins of the method and we do not already know about it you will be rewarded.

General Information:
  1. However not a rule, know that combat logging is a sign of weakness.
  2. The more evidence you have of a cheater the better the chances of your claim being resolved.
  3. Remember, the admins are players too. We do not use our “admin powers” for anything other than resolving server problems.
  4. All rules broken will be dealt with at admin discretion and with a case by case decision.
  5. If you feel like it is against the rules, it probably is, so please ask.
Posted Jan 22, 18 · OP · Last edited Jan 22, 18
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Can we get classifications of what a small and large store is? For example, is a Higashi medical tower a large store?
Posted Jan 29, 18
Stores are only limited to the following both in the small and big forms:
Working Stiffs
Shotgun Messiah
Gas Station
Pawn Shop
Posted Feb 1, 18 · OP
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